Temple of Christ Christian Church, Inc.

Camden NJ, Opasi & Kaisgera Kenya


Place of Worship

1202 Yorkship Square

Camden, NJ  08104







US Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2965

Camden, NJ 08101

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Kenya Mailing Address 

P.O Box 820-404000






Temple of Christ School of Theology and Prophecy

  • Diploma in Christian Ministry and Prophecy
  • Certificate of Prophecy
  • Certificate of Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Christian Ministry and Chaplaincy
  • Diploma of Christian Ministry and Christian Counseling
  • Diploma of Christian Ministry and Evangelism
  • Aquila and Priscilla Ministry

The Diploma/Certificate programs are courses of study which provide basic theological education suitable for both lay and ordained church leaders specializing in Christian Ministry (and/or Chaplaincy, Christian Counseling or Evangelism  concentration) and Prophecy. 

Designed to be completed in one (certificate) or two (diploma) years, the programs are offered in English on-site and as a correspondence to overseas/missionary candidates and prison inmates.

Candidates for admission need only to hold a high school degree or its equivalent. The curriculum covers the basic disciplines of Biblical, historical, theological and ministerial studies.  

The program seeks to engage the rich diversity of the broader Christian movement in an open, Christian spirit. The school also endeavors to offer life long learning for its students through continual education.

Program Goals

• To provide opportunities for ministers and church workers to grow in understanding of the Christian faith, with emphasis on the Bible and gifts of the Spirit.
• To assist our students in examining and exploring ways of sharing their faith through their gifts of the Spirit.
• To provide practicle and hands on training in the basic skills needed for Christian life and ministry.

To enroll contact: Temple of Christ School of Ministry and Prophecy 856-541-2427